If your daughter hasn’t taken up a sport yet, you may want to think seriously about encouraging her to do so. According to recent research, playing sport can have the added benefit of increasing learning capabilities.

Until now, performing challenging cognitive tasks and games was the only way we knew how to improve our brain’s functioning; however, recent studies have proven that aerobic exercise is another form of ‘training the brain’.

Aerobic exercise (also known as cardio) is an activity that is sustained for long periods of time; strengthening the heart, lungs and the body’s use of oxygen. Aerobic exercises include walking, jogging, swimming and cycling – any exercise that increases the heart rate.
Studies have shown that these activities have can improve both the structure and function of the brain. Physical activity of this kind increases brain volume and improves cognitive functioning – particularly when learning.

A study conducted at the University of Georgia, USA, found that just 20 minutes of exercise a day assists in information processing and memory function.

By encouraging your daughter to play hockey after school, you are not only giving her the necessary physical benefits she needs to stay healthy; you are also increasing her understanding of the material she is taught while at school as well as helping her to remember these concepts for her tests or exams.