Music is a universal language and, with over 1 000 genres of music in the world, there is definitely something for everyone. During a person’s teenage years, music is a powerful way to express identity, but it has also been proven to enhance academic experiences, personal development, and sporting abilities. Recent research shows that teens who incorporate music into their training have a competitive advantage. We take a look at the reasons why you should incorporate your favorite tunes into your hockey training.


Listening to music while training is highly motivational and improves work out performance overall. Here’s why:


  • For those who get bored of the repetition of exercise, music is a good distraction as it allows you focus on something else while pushing harder at the exercise without realising it.


  • The tempo of the music sets the pace for your work out and allows you to step it up to new levels in a way that feels natural.


  • The emotional link you make intrinsically to your favourite songs can be useful to boost your physical performance and put you in the “zone” to push harder.


  • A steady rhythm of music can help to maintain a steady pace in your work-out, meaning you use your energy more efficiently, allowing you to have greater endurance in your session and making it easier to push on.


  • Music can have a positive impact on your mood, which is important for motivating and energising your training session in the first place.


  • In general, listening to music increases your need to move, this can motivate you to get up and push on for one last set when you otherwise wouldn’t be able to.


  • Listening to music helps to create positive and productive brain activity, which enhances brain performance leading to better results on concentration based tasks.


  • This enhanced brain performance can promote improved spatial intelligence, in other words, a better awareness of your orientation to your environment that decreases clumsiness and improves reflexes – especially important to responding fast in a pressured game environment.


We all have our favourite playlists but sometimes we need some inspiration for a training-specific playlist. Fitness magazine offers their recommended workout songs, categorised into genres for your best work out experience – check out their playlists here.