Making sure that your daughter has the right hockey stick is vital to the development of her skill base. Choosing a new hockey stick is an ongoing process as she grows and finds her fit in the game. Modern technology has enabled hockey sticks to be designed in different materials, for each player, position and handling style. It can be daunting for a parent to spend money on a stick that they aren’t sure will suit their daughter’s needs, particularly if they haven’t played hockey themselves.

Grays Hockey, an Investec Hockey Academy sponsor, understands the need for parents to seek expert advice when shopping for hockey sticks. They have created a checklist to enable parents to make an informed choice no matter where they choose to buy their daughter’s stick.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind when trying out hockey sticks:

  1. It is important that your daughter feels natural with the stick and doesn’t make adjustments to the way she stands or holds the stick based on its design. It shouldn’t push into her stomach or make her bend over to the point where she gets back ache.

  1. Get your daughter to swing the stick in an open space as though she were about to hit the ball. She should have full control over the top of the stick and it shouldn’t feel like it is “dominating” her hands.

  1. Size. Get your daughter to stand up straight with the top of the sick under her armpit. The right sized stick will reach the bottom of her knee-cap.

Choosing a stick doesn’t have to be difficult if you follow these simple tips. Remember to routinely repeat these checks to make sure you know when your daughter’s hockey stick is no longer suitable for her before it impacts negatively on her game. Visit Grays Hockey Stick Range for more information.