With the festive season upon us and the gift shopping frenzy beginning, it can be an overwhelming endeavour to find the perfect gift for your hockey-loving daughter, niece, sister or friend. To get your creativity flowing, we have a few “hockey” ideas for under the Christmas tree this year:

A funky water bottle
A water bottle is an essential for any great sportswoman and it emphasizes the importance of hydration. Young girls like the latest technology or the prettiest colours so go for something different like an insulated water bottle in her favourite colour to keep her water cool throughout the day. Environmental consciousness is trending all over the world, and chances are she thinks it’s important based on what she has learnt on social media, so make sure it is BPA free.

Hard-core hockey watches
It’s no secret hockey is an intense sport, and an expensive branded watch with bling, just won’t do. There are several elegant, stylish sports watches available which are much more durable and suited to the nature of sports like hockey. Useful features to consider in selecting the right watch include a stopwatch, which can be used for training and exercises, and an alarm to ensure she is never late for her morning training.

A set of training-friendly earphones
In a previous blog post, we shared the benefits of listening to music during training sessions, but now let’s consider how to make it practical. Striving to avoid the frustration of fighting with the earphone wires while trying to exercise makes a Bluetooth pair an obvious choice. Addition features such as being dust- and sweat-proof are also important considerations to choosing the perfect gift for her.

First class shin pads
Grays G800 premium shin guards are a classic example of balancing comfort with protection and should definitely be on your radar as a gift. As an essential element of her hockey kit, these shin guards have a unique Hypervent Airflow System, meaning they allow for maximum airflow to maintain comfort. They have also been designed with hard, light-weight equipment to ensure maximum protection that doesn’t weigh her down in a game.

A training ladder
This light and compact piece of equipment is the perfect training tool to keep at home or take on travels during the holidays. There are a variety of styles available, some with special features such as adjustable rungs to change the spacing between steps and increase the need for focus and accuracy in the exercise. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are generally all tightly compactable for easy storage or transporting – so she can even take it holiday with her to keep up with her hockey training until next season.

For more great ideas, a simple google search on hockey gifts and gadgets will bring up hundreds of options in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and prices. The list is endless, but hopefully these ideas will help to narrow down your search and ensure you buy that perfect hockey-inspired gift or gadget for your loved one this season.