Keep your instruction short and specific especially at half time when emotions are high and heart rates are racing. You will get the best out of players concentration span when they have concise information.

Always start coaching the difficult skills (eg reverse-sticks shots and aerial skills) at a young age and patiently persist with it. As long as you are making it fun and the children know they will make many mistakes in the beginning, by the time they grow up , it will become second nature to them!

Themed training are often very effective when trying to perfect certain specific skills. e.g. “A Reverse-stick-only” training session:-   Make a whole session compulsory to end every skill in a reverse-stick shot instead of a traditional front stick.

Always encourage your players to wait at least 30-60 minutes after a match before they discuss their performance and other elements of the game with you. It gives them time to calm down and properly reflect on game with less emotional content