The school holidays are often a parent’s nightmare – six weeks of no school and no idea how to entertain those busy bodies. Instead of driving him around all holiday, invite his friends over and keep their hockey interests satisfied with some self-entertaining games. We look at a few ways they can keep their fitness levels up while at the same time avoiding the famous “I’m bored” phrase.

Bottle-bash Soccer

This is great for hand-eye coordination and developing positive team-work skills. Using a soccer ball, the aim of the game is for the players of one team to defend their own 2 litre bottles, which are lined up about a meter apart on their side of the playing area, while attempting to knock down as many of the opponents bottles as possible.

Snowball Slam

All that is required for this fun game are polystyrene cups stacked like a pyramid and some cotton wool balls. Using the cotton wool balls as the snowballs, players aim and shoot to knock down the pyramid. This requires concentration and hand-eye coordination and when it becomes a competition, it can keep them entertained for hours trying to be better than their friends in the last round. A plus, is that it exposes them to healthy competition, which is important for developing girls.

Crab football

This game is a full body work-out, as players move around in a backwards, crawling motion, supporting themselves with their hands and feet while the front of their body faces upwards. Using only their feet, players must attempt to keep a balloon in the air. If the balloon is missed and happens to touch the ground, the opposing team gets a point.


A great game to play with friends or family, a few hours of this will get your fitness up in no time! All that is required are three plastic shopping packets, one to be filled with some bubble wrap as the ‘ball’. One person from each of the two teams must be designated as the ‘keeper’ to hold one of the other two plastic bags. Team members then attempt to maintain possession of the ball in between scoring by getting the ball into the opposing keeper’s packet. This requires teamwork, strategy, accurate hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.

Mascot Mover

Any kind, shape or form of mascot can be used for this game. Players must team up in twos and interlink arms standing back-to-back. They need to navigate from the starting point to the finish line while holding the mascot and without dropping it on the way.  The first pair to get to the finish line is the winner. If there are a lot of players, you can even turn this into a relay race.

These great games will not only keep young players entertained, but also teach them valuable sporting and life skills. Children learn best when they are having fun so parents can sit back and enjoy watching them learn on their own. Get players to show their creativity by allowing them to suggest interesting variations to these games.