Most often, when “group training” is mentioned to hockey teams, the first thing that pops into mind is hockey-specific training. However; participating as a team in other group training activities is highly beneficial for a team as it encourages improved commitment, enlarges social circles and enhances team spirit and morale. We take a look at these benefits in more detail.


Group training is any workout routine, facilitated by an instructor, with a group of five or more participants.


Examples include:

  • Self-defence classes
  • Spinning classes
  • Yoga classes
  • HIIT type classes such as CrossFit
  • Other team sports



Group training keeps you committed to your training goals, because not only are you accountable to yourself to attend once you’ve signed up for the class, but you are held to account by your instructor/coach and fellow classmates to maximise your workout in each class. Making friendships within your group will also encourage you to stay devoted despite stiffness, feelings of demotivation or any other excuse you might come up with to try skip a session!



The social element of group training enables you to engage with new people and grow your social circle. This advantage should also feed your drive to attend your classes, keeping you further committed and motivated to every training session. Group dynamics can also add an element of healthy competition to keep you always performing to your potential.

With help from your coach, your hockey team could really benefit from taking on a fun, exciting class as part of your training schedule. Growing your team spirit and shaking up your traditional training sessions with something different, yet still challenging your fitness and physical performance, for better results on the field!