We all get a bit deflated about our sport at some point; whether from a devastating loss, personal disappointment or something else that has left you in “hockey limbo”. We have asked our coaches to give you their motto’s, motivation and advice to re-inspire you to reach your dreams.


Be sure to print these out and put them up in a place that will remind you of your dreams and how to get there. Keep reading them, and eventually, they will have a lasting impact in your mind.


  1. “It is best not to stress about the things you can’t control as they will probably work out for the best anyway.” – Shelley Russell


  1. “Set a goal and then go out and train for this on a daily basis. The reward will be a massive impact on your future and life skills.” – Lindsey Wright


  1. “Follow your dreams, if you’ve got a love and passion and burning desire in your belly to be something great, to make a team, to be the best, don’t let anyone tell you that you not good enough, not even yourself. Chase your dream, but it’s not going to just happen you get to make it happen. Put in those extra hours, go over and above to do whatever you can to get you where you want to be! And love and be grateful for what you do! That’s why you play the sport that you do because you love it!” – Marcelle Keet


  1. “A well-rounded player eats healthy, and is in good physical condition through hard work and self-discipline.” – Quanita Bobbs


  1. “We play sport because it’s fun, we love it, it makes up happy and we get to spend time with friends.” – Jessica Glass


  1. “It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.” – Celia Evans


  1. “Persistence is the key – nobody expects you to get things right first time. A good work ethic is the fundamental to success on the hockey field.” – Shelley Russell


  1. “Find what motivates you, find your why, and let that motivation constantly drive you to success. Make it happen, don’t let it happen.” – Quanita Bobbs.

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