It can sometimes be difficult to show your abilities and passion for the game in a big school or among an even bigger pool of players such as provincial selections. You are not the only one who has felt this way; our coaches (former and current SA Hockey players) also had to work hard to get noticed in order to achieve their goals. They share their top five tips to their success:


  1. Consistent training – you can’t just train pre- and during the season, it is important to keep training during holidays and breaks in the sport. Get a routine going by allocating some time each day to personal training – hockey skills are important but so are fitness, speed and agility. Get a group of friends together and play social hockey when your team isn’t training.


  1. Watch professional games – an important part of your progress is ensuring that you are up-to-date with professional knowledge and standards. Watch international games and the IPL to pick up tips and tricks that current players are using, as well as learning from their mistakes.


  1. Goal setting – while you may have multiple dreams like becoming a professional player, its important to break your goals into small steps. Ask yourself what the next step is – perhaps moving up a team at school or simply improving your position-specific skills. It’s important to keep achieving smaller goals to get to the bigger picture.


  1. A winning attitude – a bad attitude can sometimes be the one thing that prevents success. While your goals and dreams are important, hockey is a team sport. Looking out for your teammates and working together is the best way to improve. If you aren’t selected for the first team, ask the coach for some feedback so that you can work on your game, instead of getting angry or complaining.


  1. Make the most of opportunities – if there’s a clinic or an Academy (like ours) in your area, don’t miss out. What have you got to lose? Sign up and keep learning!


If you live in Johannesburg, chances are that you can relate to wanting to make an impression and stand out. The last point on our list is the most important one and we are bringing you an opportunity of a lifetime.


Date: 9 and 10 March

Times: 8:00 to 17:00

Venue: St Peter’s College

Ages: 8 to 18 years



You can register on our website and we will be in touch confirming your spot at our Academy. If your parents have any questions, they can contact Course Captain, Louise de Jager, directly on (083) 303 7667 or