While hockey is a seasonal sport, it’s not something that just comes naturally after a long break. Fitness, skills and reaction times don’t stay in peak condition in the off-season; they require continued effort and progress. Which is why you should be continuing some training throughout the holidays.


It is important to remember that while you are preparing for the next season, you should not overdo hockey-related exercises, as this could lead to injuries later on. Try to do exercises that will maintain your overall fitness level and are fun to do.

Here are some tips on how to stay fit over the holidays:

  • Activity is key:

Take a break from technology and get outdoors. Go to the park, walk your dog, swim a few lengths in the pool, mow the lawn, or help your mom out with spring cleaning. Encourage family and friends to do these things with you as it is more fun when you have company and it is easier to stay motivated when not alone.

  • Sleepy head:

When school is out, it is tempting to stay up late watching TV, YouTube or on social media. Following a late night is an extended sleep in, causing cravings for an energy boost – the go-to substance is often full of sugar.

  • Exercise early:

Whatever your choice of physical activity, be it a long run or something simpler like helping in the garden, you should aim to do it in the early or mid-morning each day. Once it is out of the way, the rest of the day is open to enjoying the holidays.

  • Smart food decisions:

While players shouldn’t limit themselves, after all, it is difficult to control what you eat when the family have made an indulgent holiday meal. The key here is to, wherever possible, choose healthy whole grain, sugar-free and low-fat options. When this is just not possible, choose moderation. Also remember not to skip meals, as this can lead to overindulging later on.

  • Hydration station:

Don’t satisfy your thirst with fizzy drinks and sugar-loaded fruit juices because it is holidays, instead aim to drink two litres of water a day, and avoid reaching for the ever-popular energy drinks. If water is not too your taste, try infusing it with refreshing summer fruit, for example lemons.

  • Choose your treats wisely:

Select two or three of your favourite treats and stick to these throughout the holiday season.

  • The 30 second rule

Write down five of your favourite exercises and do all of them in 30 second intervals.