Course captain, Louise de Jager’s mottos in life is Colin Powell’s quote: “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.”

Hockey is the same. Preparation is vital, the hard work inevitable, and learning from mistakes is all up to you. We look into the first ingredient to this recipe for success: preparation.

Although part of preparation is making sure you’ve given your all in practice, an important part of preparation is making sure you’ve got the hockey bag must-haves that will help you stay on top of your game.

This is our checklist of the essential items every player should have in their bag:

  • A sports bag with a shoulder strap and separate compartments to ensure your dirty clothes don’t make everything else sweaty. A longer bag also helps so that you can slide your hockey stick in as well.
  • A lock to use on a locker or bag.
  • Hockey stick.
  • Hockey ball – just in case there aren’t enough at practice or for when you want to practice on your own.
  • Kit – the shirt, shorts and socks provided by the team or your own.
  • A sports bra for the game.
  • Mouth guard – keep that toothy white smile intact!
  • Shin pads – to ensure those accidental knocks don’t set you back.
  • Undershorts or tights – to prevent uncomfortable chafing.
  • A good quality water bottle – to stay hydrated!
  • Spare clothes for after the match.
  • Two fresh towels – one for after the game and one for a shower.
  • Deodorant
  • Sun protection to keep your skin healthy.
  • Hair and head bands.

It may be helpful to print a few copies of your checklist and keep them handy at home to ensure you never forget or lose anything. Make sure everything is marked with a permanent marker. After all, your equipment is unique and necessary for your game – you need to look after it.

In addition to being prepared with the right hockey items, have you considered joining one of our upcoming courses in your area to take your behind-the-scenes preparation to the next level? Attending one of our courses will give you loads of opportunity to get these ingredients to success together and catapult you towards success in your hockey career. All the details to our upcoming courses are available here.