In SA hockey, there are four different coaching levels which provide training for beginner coaches to high-performance coaches; Level 0, Level 1, Goalkeeping and Level 2. Once completed, coaches looking to take their coaching further and get international experience have to go abroad to complete their qualifications.

SA Under-21 Women’s Hockey coach and Investec Hockey Academy course module manager, Lindsey Wright, recently went on the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Hockey Academy coaching course for High Performance and Elite coaching. After four days of hard work, theory, practical sessions and match analysis, Lindsey received her certificate of confidence; making her one of the leading coaches in World Hockey.

We take a look at what the course involves and how you can learn from Lindsey.


The FIH High Performance Coaching Course is a globally recognised coaching programme. Coaches are able to learn and work at the top levels in hockey.

Criteria to attend the course:

  • Only coaches who have achieved the top coaching award in their own country and who have been working with national teams on an international level can attend.
  • Applicants are nominated by their country’s National Association.

Aspects covered:

  • The roles, qualities, and characteristics needed to become an international coach.
  • Preparing the environment, facilities and laying out the equipment.
  • Safety and emergency procedures.
  • Coaching theory.
  • Athlete development stages.
  • The rules, values and technical skills needed in hockey.
  • Planning, goal setting, delivery strategies and evaluation methods.

Lindsey designs and plans all of our courses for each age group and for coaches, and using her most recent knowledge and expertise, has structured the courses for your benefit. She is passionate about raising the standard of SA Hockey, starting from school level players and coaches.

Here are a few things coaches can look forward to learning from Lindsey on our courses:

  • A challenging and interactive two-day course working alongside some of the best coaches and players around
  • Cosmopolitan mix of module presenters who create an infectious and highly stimulating environment that allows for sharing of ideas to benefit all
  • Specialists in hockey and athletic-specific conditioning, individual and team skills, mental toughness, nutrition and injury prevention.
  • Interaction with coaches and players, applying learned skills and techniques, taking part in discussions and asking questions
  • A framework to identify talent, increase your positional knowledge, analyse performance, and design a strategy and game plan.
  • You will observe and interact with positional specialists in one-on-one and mini unit situations with players on the High Performance and Advanced Players’ course.

Look out for our 2017 courses all over the country in July (Stellenbosch), October (Durban) and December (Pretoria).