We invite every passionate hockey player and coach, from in and around the Gauteng area, to join our exciting, upcoming Johannesburg courses,taking place from 9 to 10 June at St Peter’s College in Sandton.


Ahead of the course, we chatted to course captain Louise de Jager, a former SA player and an avid athlete in a number of other sports including gymnastics, water polo, athletics and adventure sports, about what she is most looking forward to about the courses.


  1. Why do you love being a course captain at the Investec Hockey Academy?

“I love giving hockey players the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals in a sport that I am so passionate about.”


  1. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming Johannesburg Hockey Course and Customised Courses you will be managing?

“The look on the girls faces when they arrive in the morning – they are always so excited to learn and grow. I also look forward to working with, and developing, the talent of tomorrow alongside some of the best hockey coaches and professionals in SA.”


  1. Why should school players register for the Investec Hockey Academy?

“At the Investec Hockey Academy we focus on the holistic development of hockey players, not only on the tactical and technical aspects of their game but also the development of players’ mental toughness and sport wellbeing. This involves a unique five-aspect approach which makes this academy an invaluable experience.  It is without a doubt a stepping stone of a lifetime. Above that, the players get coached by some of the best players and coaches in South Africa.”


  1. What benefits does the Academy offer coaches?

“Similar to the players’ courses, we work with coaches to help them better understand how they can focus on developing their team in all five aspects involved in sport performance. They get to work with some of the best coaches in the country to develop their coaching skills and knowledge of the game on an interactive level.”


We will be at St Peter’s College on the 9thand 10thof June to share all this and more with all you hockey player fanatics and aspiring coaches. Here’s what to expect:

  • Players’ courses aim to build a solid foundation for players to establish their hockey potential.
  • Focus is placed on skills development, knowledge of the game and the player’s personal positional role in the team.
  • Players are coached on the fundamentals of their specific position.
  • Players get the opportunity to sharpen their skills and learn the latest national and international hockey techniques.
  • Coaches’ courses are aimed at ambitious coaches who want to give themselves the best chance of furthering their careers.
  • Coaches can engage with solid knowledge and professional experience as well as interact with different perspectives on coaching techniques.
  • Coaches get to learn first-hand from watching the professionals coach the players.


Our players’ courses are divided into three age-specific groups:

Fundamental Players’ Course– ages 8 to 11 years.

Intermediate Players’ Course – ages 12 to 15 years.

Advanced Players’ Course – ages 16 to 18 years.


All in all, a well-rounded hockey experience you’ll never forget. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, book your spot now! https://www.investechockeyacademy.com/course-registration/