Practicing goal scoring skills at home without a goal post often forces players to use two marking objects and some imagination to create a goal area. The problem with this is that the goal area is not realistic; it is too low on the ground to train our eye to concentrating on formal, higher goal posts.

Not everyone has the space or wants to buy a specially designed, metal goal post for their garden which is why we suggest getting your dad or an adult to help you build your own practice goal post.

Consisting of ordinary PVC gutter piping and some net – it couldn’t be simpler.


  1. 2 X 3m long Schedule 40 PVC pipes at 190cm wide
  2. 6 X Schedule 40, 90 degree pieces
  3. 4 X Schedule 40 PVC Tees
  4. 2 metres of strong netting material
  5. A bag of cable ties


  1. Cut the 3m pipes into the following measurements:
  • 4 pieces cut to 20cm long
  • 4 pieces cut to 50cm long
  • 2 pieces cut into 70cm long
  • 2 pieces cut into 85cm long
  1. Start assembling your goal frame in the following order:


  • Place two of the 50cm pipes parallel on the ground and attach 90-degree corner pipes (elbows) on each end.
  • At the top end of the parallel pipes, add a 20cm pipe into each elbow.
  • At the end of the 20cm pieces, attach a PVC Tee.
  • Join another 50cm pipe between the two PVC Tees. You should see the start of the rectangular base.


  • Now it’s time for the upright elements of the structure. In the bottom half of the rectangular base, place two 70cm pipes into the elbows in the upright position.
  • Add two more elbows, facing inwards on these upright pipes.


  • Place two 20cm pipes in the elbows at the top of the uprights and then add a PVC Tee to each end.
  • Form the top by inserting an 50cm pipe between the two PVC Tees.


  • Insert two 85cm pipes in the open joints at the top and base of your structure.


  • You should now see the shape of your goal post. Place the net on the back of the post and use cable ties to tie the net to the pipes in your post.

You’re all set to get practicing! We want to see your DIY goal post – simply share the image on your social media platform of choice using #HockeyDIY!