In our last few blogs, we covered three of the top training trends you are likely to see this year. Although, training trends may come and go, the importance of health and nutrition, as part of a holistic approach, to your hockey career can never be overemphasised. We will share a few tips on what you need to consider in planning for your eating habits and nutritional needs.


There is much deliberation over what the term ‘nutrition’ really means. The majority of definitions define nutrition as the dietary choices we make, coupled with the exercises we are involved in. Matching these two is key to overall health.

As a hockey player, who is committed to a steady training routine and focused on certain performance and health goals, it is important to understand your body’s specific needs and plan your way to achieving optimum nutrition in order to make all the difference on the field!


Here are a few tips to help you make the right nutrition choices and reach your potential:

  • Match your eating plan with your training schedule, when you are training harder you will need more energy, so keep this in mind when planning your meals.
  • Plan ahead so you always have on hand (in the pantry) what you need in order to stick to your eating plan; and not to be tempted to snack on junk food.
  • At school level, you do not need to eat like professional hockey players, but should work towards healthy eating habits that will set the foundation for easing into stricter, more focused eating plans as you advance in your hockey career.
  • It is also really important that your eating plan and nutrition goals are specific to your situation as well as your position and role in the team.
  • Use professional players as a guide, but adjust these outlines to your personal situation.
  • Make sure you eat enough before a game but also don’t eat too soon before you play. This way your body has time to translate your meal into energy for optimum performance on the field.

At The Investec Hockey Academy players are educated on the importance of proper nutrition, the correct way to incorporate supplements into their eating plans, balance their training and recovery schedule for ultimate health and well-being.