Pre-match preparation commonly involves a careful combination of three crucial elements: training, diet and rest. Our Academy aims to help you excel in all three of these areas through our players’ courses offering sessions on nutrition, recovery and training techniques specific to you. Here’s a taste of what you can expect…


At the Investec Hockey Academy you are educated on the importance of proper nutrition, the correct way to incorporate supplements into your eating plans, balance your training and recovery schedule for ultimate health and well-being. To make sure you are managing your diet, and have that all important nutrition element down, have a look at our nutrition blog.


Numerous studies have shown that athletes who incorporate sleep as a pre-match requirement have improved pace, accuracy and reaction time.

While sleep is often thought of in terms of tiredness and rest, it is also an energy contributor to our brains and bodies. So instead of thinking of sleep in terms of recovery, think of it as an energy producer.

Sleep is also key for muscle and mental memory repair and association, and hormone release; which are all factors to sports performance.

The average person, who isn’t involved in major athletic performance, needs seven to nine hours of sleep every night, as an athlete, you need an extra hour.

Sleep Hacks

  • The key to getting enough sleep is routine. Go to bed an hour earlier the night before a game to allow time to cater for pre-match anxiety and insomnia.
  • Before you sleep, make sure that the room is dark, cool and that your phone is far away from you.
  • Take deep breaths and slow down your thinking.
  • Avoid eating meals too close to bedtime.
  • Run a hot bath for a quality sleep.


It is important that players get opportunities to improve their hockey skillset outside of their school environment. If you are looking for professional hockey training, we’ve got you covered. We offer intensive players’ and coaches’ courses that are age-specific in the skills and content included, will expose you to technical aspects of the game, while being mentored by former professionals who are passionate about helping you to achieve your individual and teams’ hockey goals.

Our Academy is the ideal opportunity to get the professional training you need to up your game with insight from knowledgeable and experienced, former and current SA hockey players and experts! To book your spot for our 2019 courses online, click here,or to book a Customised Course contact Bernadine Miller on (031) 940 5565 or bernadine@investecacademy.comfor more information.