We had the privilege of chatting to one of our coaches, sports psychologist and former SA hockey player, Louise de Jager. A well-known person in the sports arena, and a course captain for our Johannesburg courses, Louise shared with us her love and passion for hockey as well as her advice for aspiring players.


  1. When did you start playing hockey and why?

“I started playing hockey at the tender age of 5 years; it was love at first sight. I especially loved the team environment.”


  1. Where did your love/passion for sport (hockey) start?

“My passion for sport began at a young age, growing up with two brothers I had little to no choice in playing a wide variety of garden games. Through the pure enjoyment and zeal I experienced here, I developed a very strong passion for all sport.”


  1. Who was your hockey mentor?

“Lindsey Wright (nee Carlisle) without a doubt. She was my role model from a young age, and for years she invested valuable time and effort into my hockey career.”


  1. What have been your greatest hockey/sport achievements?


  • representing SA at the Junior World Cup in the USA in 2009
  • receiving senior SA Women’s caps from 2009-2013


  • placing 14that the World Gymnastics Championship hosted In Germany in 2004
  • receiving my Gauteng Provincial colours for Water Polo and Athletics


  1. What were you known for in the SA hockey team? Did you have any special skills/tricks?

“I was definitely known for my drag flick and overhead shots.”


  1. What is your favourite hockey memory?

“Scoring 2 goals in our final game of the Junior World Cup. The first was an incredible drag flick and in the second goal, I received the ball on our defensive 25 yard line, ran all the way up the field (dribbling players – which I am not very good at!) and then I magically found myself in the circle and took a reverse stick shot, which by some magical force, made it into the back of the net. I received man of the match award, it was a special moment.”


  1. You’ve accomplished so much, what do you think it takes to succeed?

“Perseverance, determination and a strong will to succeed. Maybe a more important characteristic than all of those is discipline, without discipline it’s hard to achieve anything.”


  1. What are your top tips/advice for young, aspiring hockey players today?
  • “Persevere no matter what – if you love the sport, don’t quit playing.
  • “Dream big – have dreams that both inspire and scare you, and then work every day to achieve them.
  • “Champions aren’t born in gyms or on hockey astros, they are born out of their daily habits – if you want to be the best, you need to have champion daily habits that you strive for every single day. Becoming a champion is a journey of 1 million small steps.”