Did you know that recovery time is a vital step in being victorious on the field? We share the purpose and importance of recovery as well as some ideas for getting the most out of your recovery time.



The purpose of recovery is to allow your body to recuperate its energy store and build your muscles back up to an even better level than before an intense session on the field or in the gym. This is an essential part of any athletes’ training schedule to prevent poor-performance and symptoms of fatigue as well as reduce the chances of muscle injury.



Although being determined, motivated and disciplined in training is key, training harder or more often will not necessarily make you a better player. Strong players are healthy players and to ensure your body is functioning at a healthy level it is vital to balance your work and rest time.


Rest time does not mean just not training, you can actively engage in things that will help your body recover and get the most out of this time, such as:

  • Stretching and breathing exercises.
  • Spending time with friends and family.
  • Eating the right recovery foods: carbohydrates to build up energy again and protein to rebuild muscles.
  • Drinking fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate your body.
  • Taking time to rest or sleep.



Coaches play an important role in making sure your team is balancing their training and recovery sessions, and teaching you to know your limits and take time out when you need it. Don’t take this time for granted and make sure you plan it into your schedule even from an early stage in your hockey career. Good habits die hard and you’ll be grateful by the time you reach more advanced levels.