The beauty of hockey is that the game depends on a group effort – right from the coaching team, the players and the assistant specialists – all are needed to make a unit successful.

At the Investec Hockey Academy, we understand that your team’s limitations are based on a variety of factors; like budget, contacts and coaching compliments. It is also difficult to know what your team needs the most in order to prioritise what needs to be addressed first. Here’s where we can help – our diverse range of SA hockey icons want to ensure school teams receive the attention they need on the Astroturf without hiring a full-time team of specialists.


For those of you who are familiar with our provincial Players’ and Coaches’ Courses every year – our Customised Courses are all of the above, except we tailor the content and skills-work to your school’s needs and, the best news of all, we come to you!


What are the advantages of a Customised Course for schools and clubs?


  1. Teams and coaches get taught the latest international knowledge and techniques while learning together practically.
  2. All ages and levels are welcome – you can choose to work with us on your senior and/or junior teams.
  3. Coaches get personalised theoretical and practical training by top professional coaches in the industry.
  4. We gauge your team’s level, identify what you need to up your game, and structure our courses to specifically address your needs.
  5. We believe that players are developed successfully with the correct structures in place from an early age. We will implement these structures into your teams and coaching structures so that the school performs well and players go on to excel in their passion for the sport.
  6. Our modules include: pre-season training, match-specific training, hockey conditioning, skills development and age group development.
  7. Our coaches are all current and former SA Hockey players including Shelley Russell, Sulette Damons, Illse Davids, Louise de Jager and many more.


We want to help your school reach your goals! Parents, coaches, players, teachers and principals – get chatting and encourage your school team to approach us. Contact Louise de Jager on or (083) 303 7667 take the next step in improving your game. We look forward to meeting you all!