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Indoor Hockey: Improving Young Players Basic Skills

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If you are a passionate hockey player and/ or coach but have not delved into indoor training principles - you may want to start incorporating indoor hockey in some way or form in your personal and your teams’ practices. At the Investec Hockey Academy, we incorporate elements of indoor training into our Players’ and Coaches’ Courses. We believe that, in

Indoor vs Field Hockey in South Africa

2016-06-15T18:58:24+02:00June 15th, 2016|Tags: , |

Each winter, many schools offer their students both indoor and outdoor hockey; enabling players to play either or both sports. While both versions of the game are very much alike, there are a few key differences that make them very different games. In SA, there are many players who play both sports professionally; namely, Celia Evans (Gauteng), Nicole la Fleur

The Heritage Of Field Hockey

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In almost every country in the world, the game of hockey is a recognised and much- loved sport. What most don’t know however, is how the game originated. Like many sports, the beginnings of hockey would be just a legend had it not been for the archaeological evidence, which can be seen in various museums, proving the early existence and