Following on from our blog post last week on teamwork Teamwork: Tricks Of The Trade For Coaches (Part 1), we share some more helpful tips for coaches when establishing a team at the start if the season. Often a team is a mixed group of new and older team members at the start of a new season, and it can be difficult to promote teamwork in this situation. We take a look at what a healthy team culture looks like to help you instil these values into your players.



Here are a few characteristics to look out for in a team that is working together:

  • Players are supportive and understanding of each other.
  • Players exhibit respect for their coach and fellow teammates.
  • Team members show acceptance and encouragement towards fellow players – even when they make mistakes.
  • Players are positive and self-motivated.
  • Players show an understanding that all team members are important for success.
  • Team members don’t allow team-busting behaviours to occur.
  • Players take responsibility for their own actions, and hold each other accountable for their role in the team.
  • Team members always give of their best and display good sportsmanship.


Once achieved, emphasising the importance of having a positive and collaborative attitude towards fellow team members is vital in maintaining that hard-earned team spirit!