Are your favourite workouts on the trend list this 2018? In the next few weeks, we will look into some popular training exercises that will complement your hockey training this year to help you get the most out of your training time (and stay trendy at the same time!).

There are a number of opinions, from sport professionals to health professionals, about what sportswomen should be doing behind-the-scenes.

Making its way onto the high intensity interval training and group training scene, is yoga. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as yoga for hockey players, as Great Britain midfielder Shona McCallin demonstrates (hyperlink:

Why not give it a try? You could see results in three fundamental areas; discipline, breathing and stretching.


This is the greatest challenge any sportswoman will face as it determines the difference between an average and excellent player. Every individual training or team practice requires you to conquer your weaknesses, get over your excuses and push yourself past your limits. This is the number one area where the discipline of yoga sessions can have a significant impact on your game and even your future career as a sportswoman.


Yoga teaches a well-balanced breathing rhythm and enhances your control over your breathing. This is an essential part of general fitness, and especially important for players of intense sports such as hockey. Practising your breathing can help you maintain that cool, calm focus you need in a game and even boost your endurance.


Despite the many wild and eccentric positions that yoga enthusiasts may adopt, yoga can truly benefit hockey players from a stretching perspective. Every good hockey player understands the importance of rest and recovery, so to invest a day of your training schedule into a more low-key exercise such as yoga would be to your advantage. Not only will you be at less risk of injury, but you will have a strengthened core, and be more loose and flexible.

With all these great benefits, what’s not to like about Yoga? Will you give it a try this year?